The new standard for community chat - the easiest way to find out what’s happening in your student residence right now.

Create a Spot in your rez and talk with anyone, about anything, and meet new people instantaneously and securely.

No emails. No need to be “friends”. Just connect, share, and explore.

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Play with each other!

Looking for groups? Find that missing 4th for your sports team! Shout out to the community around you without the bulletin board.

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Study Group

Need a study group? Your new study buddies are just around the corner to help you ace that next exam.

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Social Events

Want new people at your social events? Meet those people living right above you!

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See how it works!

We are building a community in every student residence. Join in!

About Spot

Spot is a location-based communications platform for building micro-communities.
People are encouraged to share, connect and interact. In your spot, places and spaces are intelligent;
information is open; services are digitized via widgets. Your location is your community.

Internet has changed the course of the present. We are building the "internet of places"
with social infrastructure. Through Spot, you leave your legacy and virtual footprint,
as part of the social capital we are engineering for the future generation.

We are currently building a community for every dorm and every condo building. It is truly
the easiest way to share what’s happening where you live.
No emails, no contact information, and no need to be "friends".

For more information please contact us at or follow us on Twitter at @SpotJoin.